Powder Coating

We are meticulous powder coaters with a huge, state of the art facility in Palm Desert conveniently located near Dell Web BLVD and Washington St, Stuart, Palm Springs. Cathedral City and Desert Hot Springs.  We specialize in Powder Coating. Advanced Powder Coating is known for perfect results, fast turn-around and free pick up and delivery in Palm Desert.  If you want the job done right - the first time - bring your powder coating needs to us.


Powder Coating

The powder-coat process entails the application of electrostatically charged particles onto the surface of the substrate. ... This normally entails the removal of grease, oil, dirt and other materials via chemical, physical or mechanical methods to clean the surface and promote coating adhesion.


Sandblasting can remove paint, rust, and residue from oxidation from materials quickly and efficiently. Sandblasting can also be used to change the condition of a metal's surface, such as through removing scratches or casting marks. Sandblasting as a cleaning method has been widely used for over a hundred years.

Chemical Stripping

Chemical Stripping is the process in which objects, such as car shells/body parts, bikes and other metal-based objects are stripped of things such as paint, filler and lacquer. The process is designed to strip all coatings and chemicals that are attached to the metal, leaving nothing more than bare steel by the end of the process.

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